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  1. Investing in Flow | Andreessen Horowitz (a16z.com) [11 comments]

  2. BEB Deck (pitch.com) [11 comments]

  3. Gas Guzzlers (gasguzzlers.wtf) [5 comments]

  4. Web3 as a social system (Aug 19 2022) (docs.google.com) [8 comments]

  5. Status Traps: Learning from Web2 Social Networks (a16zcrypto.com) [8 comments]

  6. Inside the crypto black markets of Argentina (freethink.com) [8 comments]

  7. #buildinpublic (buildinpublic.com) [6 comments]

  8. It's a hypothetical we hopefully won't actually face. But if ... (twitter.com) [3 comments]

  9. Shima Capital Debuts with $200 Million to Support Web3 Founders through "Crypto Bear Market" (prnewswire.com) [6 comments]

  10. Scaling Community-Driven Review (club.mirror.xyz) [7 comments]

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  • Is there a good React Native + Expo + web3 boilerplate GitHub repo? [15 watches]

  • Best papers to read to get up to speed on gossip protocols? [8 watches]

  • What are some required readings for designing product-driven protocols? [5 watches]

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